Canada is a country full of wonderfully pleasant people, classy, diverse towns, and a diverse landscape which includes tundras, rainforest, deserts, large mountains, and a lot more. From the frozen tundra of the Yukon to the rocky beaches of the east shore, the mountains of Calgary to the rain forests of Vancouver, Canada is a country that’s frequently skipped over on several world trips. That is such a shame. Canada is so large and makes for an excellent road trip nation. Spend a few months going from end to end. I love our friendly neighbor to the north and believe Canada is an extremely underrated destination.

There is a reason everybody around the globe loves Canadians. They rock. Visit their homeland and find out why. Added bonus: It is easy to get a working holiday visa here so that you can stay, work, and earn money here for future trips. This travel guide will assist you plan a trip to the Great White North! Typical Costs. Accommodation – Rates can differ a lot depending on what city you are staying in. Normally, you will wind up paying about 30 CAD for a dorm room in a hostel while you must expect to pay about 65 CAD for a spending budget hotel room.

Expect prices to increase significantly in larger cities. Airbnb is available throughout the country, rivaling spending budget hotels for price and comfort. Expect to pay an average of 30 CAD per night for a shared room, while entire homes\/apartments will cost you around 80 CAD. Just bear in mind several smaller cities won’t have several choices, although they’ll typically have locally owned hotels or motels which are usually quite cheap. Do not hesitate to ask the people of advice. Remember, Canadians are friendly! If camping out is your thing, you will have lots of options all throughout the country. Prices will vary depending upon the reasons, but expect to pay between 10-30 CAD per night for a fundamental pitch.

A lot of the main campgrounds may sell out early, therefore be certain to book ahead of time throughout the peak season. Food – Food can be cheap so long as you adhere to cooking for yourself or hit pubs. On the other hand, a meal out in a restaurant will cost you around 15-35 CAD! Cheap sandwich shops and junk food is your best bet and will be less than 13 CAD per meal. If you’re going to cook your very own food, expect to pay between 50-75 CAD each week. Transportation – That is a large country, and it is difficult to get around without an automobile. Within city limits, you will find great public transport networks, particularly the subway system, which is about 3 CAD for an one way ticket. There’s a train service that runs from shore to shore and is very scenic, although not cheap. Megabus is the cheapest option with regards to traveling between cities in Ontario and Quebec as fares may be as low as 1 CAD if booked in advance!