I am staying at the Novotel Taipei Taoyuan Airport, and internal germaphobe and my inner child are conflicted. The very first thing I noticed was this cuddly man on the sofa: Novotel Panda as soon as I walked to the area. I have never seen something similar to this before, so in the beginning I supposed someone somehow forgot it and merely left a huge filled panda there, or maybe I had been assigned a room inhabited by another person. But then I saw that it was wearing a Novotel top, so certainly it had been put there by the resort.

Just what an adorable, exceptional touch! I have never seen anything like this before. Novotel Panda-1. But then the germaphobe side of my mind kicked in. I am normally not a lover of resorts having lots of ornamental pillows, they spend half their time on the ground, and are seldom washed given that. In the event you think ornamental pillows are filthy and’re like me, I envision that this adorable panda is boundlessly more dirty. The panda uses up about half the sofa, and so I envision it spends about half its time on the ground, and goodness only knows just how much time it spends being reached by men and women.

Has anyone seen something similar to this before in a Novotel? Is this adorable, or simply plain filthy? .