It is tough to envision a greener, more lush state than Costa Rica. The landscape of the rocky volcanic inside in the country’s is impossibly verdant, therefore it is not surprising that it is home to a few of the very breathless cloud forests on earth. The Sky Adventure Monteverde Park of Viator offers three alternatives to tour the nearby cloud forest in the town with views from high above it and from inside the park. The Sky Walk + Sky Tram alternative contains somewhat of both, it ends with an one hour gondola ride over it and begins a leisurely two hours hike throughout the woods.

Costa Rica’s two seasons, dry as well as rainy, each supply distinctive encounters in the Sky Park. My December visit ensured clouds daily and a constant haze of fog. It envelops the cloud forest in a dark, fantastical setting that feels like a Lord of the Rings place while such weather is not perfect for crystal clear photography. Before jump right to the thick of the rainforest, the Sky Walk tour kicks off from the park visitor centre with a short orientation. It is an indescribable surroundings where the atmosphere is abuzz with the sounds of what should be one million birds and feels impossibly thick.

In two brief hours, well versed, our bilingual guide rattled off a dizzying variety of facts about the plant and animal life of the region. Even by Costa Rican requirements, Monteverde provides a shocking level of biodiversity, really, it is home to over 2, 500 plant of mammals, and species, 400 species of birds, 100 thousands of insect species. The Sky Walk monitors a path over the forest floor and across six suspension bridges that are long. Luckily the rain held during my hike, as the thunderstorms here are unlike anyplace on earth, but visitors should package considerable rain equipment.

As I. Learn. The Sky Walk is instantly bookended by boarding a practical gondola made for sightseeing over the cloud forest canopy, the Sky Tram. The course of the gondola monitors among the greatest summits of the region at almost one mile above sea level. Itis a spectacular ridge that, on a definite day, provides spectacular, panoramic views stretching to the Pacific Ocean in the west from Laguna de Arenal in the north. The 2, 600 foot ride is fully exposed to the components that, in the rainy season, generally contain driving rain and 60 miles each hour winds. Such was the case on the day of my visit. At one stage, the wind was so powerful and so steady that I had been sure my gondola car was flat.

Turning to my guide, I naively inquired if they ever shut it down due to wind.