Individuals are concerned about the economics crashing and another depression occurring. This instance is arousing lots of fear and anxiety. Something disruptive occurs and individuals panic and start seriously registering other individuals up in their fearful story. Unexpectedly you’ve several people running around believing The Sky is falling without actually investigating what’s going on. This leads to rash actions and selections made from the place of fear and frustration. It also leads to a location where one is readily controlled. In this place, there is very little room for effective alternatives to the issues at hand.

So what do you do when it appears that the Sky is falling and individuals are getting nervous all around you? How do you keep yourself out from the vortex fear and open to all the possible alternatives? The first step is to take some deep breath as well as do your best to become present with what’s happening for you right now in the present moment. Staying present is key because most the fear that’s building is due to speculation around what may happen in the future. When you’re present in the moment you can deal with all that’s right in front of you.

Things only become issues whenever you don’t deal with its own problems when it arises. Invest some time realizing the abundance that’s in your life right now. Invest some time focusing on what’s working in your life. Amplify that energy by focusing your attention as well as your ideas on it and actually basking in the good feelings. Invest some time visualizing the economics thriving and everybody having all they need to live a peaceful, joyful life. Embrace the fact that things change as well as it the Universe is conspiring to give us precisely what need and need. Picture this as being a moment of some well needed change to occur. Open to the possibility that this is precisely what we need to ensure that the shift we desire to occur.