When there’s one question I get asked greater than anything else in the world, it’s to be the dreaded how do you earn money? . I kid you not, 99 out of 100 times when I tell folks I’m a traveling blogger that is professional, that question pops up at some point or another, usually accompanied by the expression on their faces as I Have grown a second head. Occasionally it is discreetly crept to the dialogue hidden with hoity toity language like, so do you discover traveling web blogging to be a financially viable choice in this time? , but mainly I hear, I do not get it.

You really earn money doing this website gizmo, and you get to travel free of charge? Fuck you. Trust me, it gets old quickly, and I’ve to remind myself, that when our functions were corrected, I’d certainly be interesting also. In the end, IT’S a job that is strange. Weirdly wonderful. I have only gotten sick of having the same dialogue again and again, I Have started to devise new professions for myself, normally when wine is included.

However, I digress. Make money traveling blogging. Therefore let us have an open dialogue. In the event that you’ve been around with me since the start, since I started web blogging in Spain long ago when this year, you might have followed me on my web blogging journey of what I might have never anticipated would become a full time job with over 50, 000 followers on social network and over one million yearly visitors on my website. Holy shit. And not only when it comes to having paid to travel. But all the superb hot perks that go along with it.

Only inside the last year, my small old traveling site has taken me on a whirlwind experience around the planet. Make money traveling blogging. From swimming with sea turtles on the Great Barrier Reef in skydiving within the Swiss Alps to roadtripping through Iceland to hot air ballooning in Turkey to riding donkeys at Petra in Jordan to caving beneath glowworms in New Zealand, I might have not ever imagined that my site would make all my journey dreams become a reality and MORE. I could have never considered that I might both get to travel all around the planet at no cost AND get paid on top of it.

But exactly how did that occur? It was not until August of 2012 was when I decided to take my journey site to another level and attempt to turn it into the full time job, while I started blogging in March of 2010. Six months afterwards I took my first media excursion to Turkey and two months after that I managed to depart my hellhole of a desk jobs travel and to blog full time. Exactly what a wild journey this has been!.